Managing content marketing: Create your own group of recipients and community

Managing content marketing

Managing content marketing: Create your own group of recipients and community

Your important duty is to maintain your website and email. Because it is rightful that belongs to you. Therefore, it must be kept well. Do not strictly expect to rely on others to help build these things. If you give ownership to someone else, it is when you lose control of it. We are talking about others companies that own your web-sites and E-mails that in charge of updating the content marketing in your place and charge you for doing so. You will not be able to change your website at all. If you are stuck with the billing invoices that are sent to you from time to time, order that you change any part of the site that you own.

Any of SME owners, who really think they are own and gaining control over the Facebook and Twitter. They are out of their mind. Since you think you own the content that you wrote and created. But in fact, everyone else can use your contents whenever and however they want to. If you do not believe it, go back and read the Facebook or Twitter terms of “royalty free license”, and then you’ll truly understand that they can do it and anyone can access to the contents that you have created without any law violation.

You need to understand that even these social media sites will allow you to publish your content more easily and quickly, but it must be exchanged with the copyright that should be yours and do not forget that these sites are not charities. Therefore these sites want to take advantage of your contents. The contents that you dedicate and sacrifice your time to write it, so distributing the content you have dedicated to creating it in a public space which you do not really own, such as social media might not be a good idea. It causes us to lose our intellectual property rights.

          The thing that you should do is to switch from followers on those social media sites to become followers through your site. When you able to change those who are your subscribers to become members of your site. It means that you can make a profit from your dedication to writing marketing contents.

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