Why Should You Use Drip Marketing Campaigns? – A complete guide:

Marketing Drip Campaign is a technique based on a series of automated processes that follow a logic based on the actions carried out by a user. In email marketing campaigns, Drip marketing translates as automated and perfectly segmented email campaigns that follow one direction or another depending on the behavior of users.

With Marketing Drip Campaign, you can achieve significantly better results. By sending a certain target group successively through a complex campaign, which may consist of several emails and landing pages, while measuring each conversion, you can achieve significantly better results over a time.

Marketing Drip Campaign

How should you proceed with Drip Marketing?

First, you should consider which communication channel the recipient should be addressed. You can choose between e-mail campaigns, postal campaigns, weblog, social media but also face to face meetings. According to experience, a mix of the channels described above is a good one.
Also in the case of Drip Marketing, it is important that campaigns are already planned in advance in order not to unintentionally “overflow” the recipient.
In the following section, we have summarized the most important notes for e-mail campaigns, postal delivery as well as social media:

Email Campaigns:

As several studies have shown, e-mail is the most popular means of communication in companies. The advantages are obvious. On the one hand it is a cost-efficient way, and on the other hand, it is easier to reach many subscribers. Another advantage of the digital variant is the saving of paper and printer cartridges. However, it must be taken care of at a technical level, as bulk emails land quickly in the spam filter in many companies or even in private consumers. To avoid this, the following points should be considered:
– Do not be too adorable
– Avoiding complaints
– Enter address book
– Well maintained list
-Before send perform all the tests
– Clean HTML
– Send from a certified shipping server


A further variant for sending the information material is the postal dispatch, i.e. the delivery is by letter. Each prospectus or letter must be put into a letter. This process costs working time. Further, the company must provide some information, e.g. Name and address. This challenge can be masteredby means of a well-maintained CRM system, which is very useful in the optimal application of marketing drip campaign. The clear advantage of postal delivery is that the recipient holds something that can be more visually appealing than in an e-mail. This can increase the chance that the customer is showing interest.

Social Media:

Companies that produce for the end consumer market (B2C) usually have good chances of using this tool. On the social media platform Facebook, mainly private users are more interested in products that they can use privately.

There are two strategies specifically for Facebook to apply for marketing:

1. As a fan page, you can publish various posts. You have the possibility to apply for each so-called “post.”This works similar to Google Ad words. You create the post and define the target group in advance. Afterward, you pay Facebook a certain amount and the desired post is pushed by Facebook. The display appears to the users in the Newsfeed and looks as if it was a normal contribution from another user.

2. With the right strategy, you can win thousands of potential prospects on your fan page that “liked” your page. The art is interesting posts to post the fans can expect from the site. This variant is completely free but time-intensive since you have to build a Fan Base. With regular and interesting posts, you can also successfully apply the Drip-Marketing here and thus reach your name in the minds of the interested parties.

– What benefits can drip marketing have in Email Marketing?
– More Effective Campaigns
– Campaigns that get more conversions
– Most Relevant Campaigns
Undoubtedly, these campaigns work very well and get a higher rate of opening and clicks, in this type of campaigns the user decides what he wants to receive and when.

Uses of drip marketing:

Each email issued must be written in such a way that you generate the attention and interest to know more about the products and services. The first email should thank and congratulate the prospect for their intelligent decision to contact us to assist you in the process of knowing more about the subject matter, indicating our satisfaction of being able to give you some content of great value added and that will be completely free for him or her. In each issue of an email campaign, you must take a step towards the decision making of the purchase or hire action, motivate the customer and increase their confidence in your offer.


The frequency with which a recipient is confronted with advertising by a company decides whether the customer becomes a potential buyer or is completely absconded. You should therefore carefully plan marketing campaigns to create a successful marketing drip campaign.

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