Why is content marketing important?


Why is content marketing important?

  • The one who read your contents is your up-coming business customer.

Recipients are the most important factor that will help your business grows because everyone is likely to consider only the number of results, the number of content readers, just because they want to accumulate a large number of people who read the content. They understand that the more people who read the content means the business has a reputation as the number of people share, the number of people on Facebook, number of followers through Twitter or Instagram, etc. This does not make any difference from playing the game, so we have the privilege to show others that we have more points than others. The last thing that you should be concerned is becoming a focus. You should focus on your recipients, creating participation to engage more in conversation to interact with your business. If you truly want to create success for your business, you have to create consistency, a group of recipients who want to stay with your business for a long time and continue to engage with your business.

Accumulating just numbers of share, like, tweets or follow are nothing and it’s not valuable for your business. The real important thing that we need is to connect with other people very closely. You may also use a monthly newsletter to reach recipients or briefly summarize the weekly activity from your website. You just have to realize all the time that you have to do it consistently to gain the attention of others. In addition, you must improve the neglected communication channels to be functional as well, such as email or regular information dissemination via the website. The current business must adapt to the era and continue to deal with the audience through the channel of content offerings which your business will choose. It must be seen that the readers have feelings, and their identity are real more than just telling them that they are just the same group with all the same habits. If still do not get a picture, should think about when you use Facebook and see many advertisements, but you did not interest it at all.

  • Put soul into your marketing content

One thing that never changes from the past till now, whether how advance the technology is, both business and people want to build relationships with others because humans are social animals and prefer to do business with the people whom they know, like and trust. Previously we were limited by geographic, distance and time, but now we able to gain profits and relationships in the society that we determine and create. One thing that has never changed is the human identity as a person in society. Because of the use of non-human like communication with others through the same text messages to everyone, the transmission of the message by automatic transmission without any modification or change at all is not so different than denying the relationship at beginning, this kind of communication method has no soul and it lacks of presentation your identity to others.

If you look at social media nowadays, it can be very engaging for every business, but it does not change the way we interact with others because it just changes the way how we communicate. Social media is just one way of communicating. We use it with long-term goals to create communication between each other to stimulate the connection and interaction, but it will  be too lazy if you think that all roads will lead to the same destination. In fact, it is impossible and the communication channels through social media are too numerous.

Many of communication channels and even more than necessary show how we hide behind thing that completely soulless because we can send a message to tell the recipient what to do so easily. You don’t have to look so far, you might get an automatic E-mail in your inbox with the text, “Good day! Click here to get discount or promotion from us, free!” or something similar, these kinds of message make your unique personality be replaced by an automatically-message with a tone that does not able to sense of liveness at all.

Communication has brought us into a world full of connected invitations. Businesses must deal with challenges and opportunities by finding their own communication channels or positions, increase humanity and maintain interaction with target customers and those who trust us. Communication channels through social media that we all use and easy access, it is a completely different business channel, in terms of building relationship and communication. You just have to use it in a way that will help you become a leader in your market.

If you feel comfortable connecting with others but you have to hide behind yourselves in the digital world, let’s just try to blend in with other people, look around and see who sells stuff by saying what they want to say. Actually, they should try to add their own value by sharing information that matches the interests of others. The ultimate goal of yourself or your business is to improve the lives quality of your recipients, solve their problems and give them more free time. Think about it, imagine that you are a coach and you want to help someone to win over the problems, obstacles and limits, to live in a better life. Instead of letting them learn by themselves, you listen to their problems and suggest the solution clearly and appropriately, because you sincerely listen to them, understand their problems and be able to suggest it correctly.

It might be time that we have to listen and live with the present, come back to hold on to humanity, put a soul into your remarketing content again. Also the change of using content marketing, it will make the marketing by using content be more effective, more useful and the important thing for you and your business is the group of recipients that created by  our own hands and it can also be associated with our subscribers more closely.


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