Written content marketing: Creating a website and blog with the marketing content you created

Written content marketing

Written content marketing

Creating new marketing content is not so difficult. But to create a quality content marketing and people want to read and follow, that is difficult. If you create the marketing content that your subscribers already want it, you are lucky. Because your remaining duty is only to select and publish content that people are interested in and want to follow. But do not forget that if there is only one website, it is not enough to guarantee that you have recipients or followers, since any company also has its own website. You must learn and understand your recipients, who they are, what do they like and how do they act. Then create content for those people in particular.

The evaluation of different types of content created on different channels, it may be the key to success. The important thing is the measurement method you intend to use. To evaluate the benefits of each activity by the following factors, it’s the method used to evaluate the quality of the remarketing content you created.

  • Web-sites and Blogs

Using WordPress to create a web-site, it allows readers who subscribe to be your site’s members able to receive news content from you, even better if it be done regularly and consistently continuous.  You should to put a link in the article on your website to bring readers to other pages with similar topics, and should be equipped with a comment channel through the various simple plugins for WordPress. This will allow others to comment and interact with the conversation topic on your site. Because of such methods, it will make you aware of the recipients’ movement and it is evidence as you can see that the content you created is useful for recipients continuously, installing “share” or “like” button or easily creating a channel for content sharing that you created with a WordPress plugin, so readers can easily share your content to social media such as Facebook, Twitter Linked and google plus.

  • Videos

Using video format as content distribution channels, it can be set up as a channel for video presentations particularly. Because all of uploaded content will shows the number of viewers and comments. These channels will allow viewers to click “like” and “share” the videos to other channels, and you can easily embed videos from these channels into your own website.

  • Manuals or E-Books

They are clear development models, since we can measure how many people have downloaded our manual or E-Book and we can also see that who shares our book on social networks.

  • Seminars or events via the web-site

Creating activities that the recipients can participate by using effective content is a marketing channel. It can be easily evaluate, because of the number of participants can be clearly seen. The participants are the one who continuously follow our content and they are real.

From these various data, it can be seen that the current business should not emphasize public relations too much to neglect the identity of the recipient. With good and accurate communication methods, sincerely present the presentation that makes the recipient feel friendliness from the interaction, to create a relationship between people to people.

As business owners, we should focus on making people always believe in the entrepreneur or the business. This importance will bring benefits to the entrepreneur or business in the end. It’s not just a matter of increasing the value of a business. But it is the principle that we intend from the beginning, since every entrepreneur starts a business based on one’s beliefs and preferences, whether to make the process easier, to solve problems better by our knowledge, special expertise. Therefore the entrepreneurs should remind these things. In order to communicate with customers that we hold on and believe in something.

To be more truthful and to have sincere rapport with people is an importance of the business which anyone can do it, just doing business honestly, transparently, respond to customers promptly. And above all, it is important to keep all customers’ contracts fair and square. If you can keep the promise and made it done, your business will be more reliable and what you hold on and believe in will be weightier.

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